Some basic tools used in SketchUp are:


Drawing toolsEdit

Line: This is used to draw a regular straight line.

Arc: This tool can create an arc from two points and a drag.

Freehand: This allows the user to scribble and create a freehand figure.

Circle: The user can make circles by clicking a point and dragging out the radius.

Polygon: Polygons are constructed in much the same way as circles; they are clicked and dragged.

Rectangle: This tool is used to make rectangles, by clicking and dragging to adjust the length and width.

3D Text: This tool allows the user to create 3D text, with customizable fonts, sizes, and formatting.

Editing toolsEdit

Push/Pull: The push/pull is a tool that grabs a two-dimensional surface and pushes or pulls it into three dimensions. This, Google claims in the tutorial, is the main idea of Google SketchUp. U.S. patent #6,628,279 is a patent for this technology.

Move: The user's mouse can select and move pieces on the three different axes or on some combination of the three.

Ruby Application Programming Interface (API)Edit

Ruby is a scripting language whose use in SketchUp was first introduced in SketchUp 4. Since its introduction SketchUp users have shown their creativity by creating hundreds of useful tools using SketchUp Ruby.

There is a Hello World Tutorial for Google SketchUp about creating dialog boxes.

3D WarehouseEdit

The 3D Warehouse is a website where modelers can upload their models and have them rated and reviewed. You can also download models from there to use in projects such as taps and sinks to cars and trains. The Warehouse is used primarily for cataloging Google Earth models but in recent months, a community of modelers has developed. There are now not only models for household items and buildings, but sci-fi objects and competitions held by users.


SketchUp users can share their work for free in the Gallery on the SketchUp official website. This gives a place where users can share their work in many fields including Architecture, Construction, Education K-12, Game Development, GIS, Graphic Art, Higher Education, Industrial Design / Furniture, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture, and Mechanical Design.


SketchUcation is a gateway to the SketchUp Community. Information on worldwide training locations, Training CDs & DVDs and online training. But also tutorials on the User Interface of SketchUp such as the Tools and Menus as well as a growing number of function-specific tutorial videos or how to model objects. There is also a Blog and a Forum. Coming in the Fall of 2007 is a Game Development subsite. Other sections such as SketchUp add-ons and tutorials on the Panels and VCB will be added soon.

The SketchUp Components CollectionEdit

The SketchUp Components Collection is a moderated collection of SketchUp Components, currently focused on those useful in planning PC modding projects.

SketchUpModels.comEdit provides a marketplace for people from around the world to earn income from the sale of their 3D models. Every time a 3D model is sold on 50% of the profits go to the user who built the model. 3D models are resold over and over without any additional work, giving the user who built the model an endless possibility for earnings with every model they post on the site.


SuWiki is a Wiki encyclopedia for SketchUp users. It provides an open environment for SketchUp users to find, and contribute to article and tutorials on the use of SketchUp.

School - SketchUp Educational CommunityEdit

School is a web community for SketchUp users centered around four main offerings: 1) Live Training Classes for SketchUp and Google Earth, 2) The Sketchup Show podcast - free weekly SketchUp video tutorials, 3) School Series: SketchUp Level 1 & Level 2 Training DVDs - beginning and intermediate level training DVDs, and 4) Forums - SketchUp user discussion boards.

Sketchup In EducationEdit

Sketchup is being used in both K-12 Education programs, as well as Higher Education programs. Educators who teach Sketchup in the classroom can apply for a free Pro Educator License, as well as a discounted Network Lab License.


SketchUp maintains a web site of plugins for SketchUp. Both 3rd party plugins and plugins developed by SketchUp.

Other Add-onsEdit

IDX-Renditioner Photo Realistic Rendering Plugin for SketchUp PC and SketchUp Mac

SU Podium Photo Realistic Rendering Plugin for SketchUp PC only

VRay for SketchUp Photo Realistic Rendering Plugin for SketchUp PC only

IRender Integrated Ray Trace Renderer for SketchUp using the AccuRender engine.

RPS 3D PDF for interactive 3D PDF documents.

RpReports — for assigning attributes and reporting on components.

eDrawings Share, markup, measure & review your SketchUp designs in self executable (*.exe) and HTML formats.

SkIndigo Exporter for rendering of Sketchup files in Indigo. 3DPaintBrush Create near photo-realistic images & animations from your SketchUp, 3DS, STEP/IGES/OBJ and DWG/DXF 3d models.

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