Layers are a great help, especially large-scale model making, as the different layers can be stored in different components and different parts of the model, making them easy to view and edit. For example, if i made a car, one layer is placed in the frame, the second and third rings, say, a car body. When the basket covers the body once, it is very difficult to edit. But if you select the layer where you have saved the frame, you can only see it. The other layers are hidden.


Caution should be used in place of layers , because even though the other layers do not show up , they can still affect the other layers editing . The best thing is to make all parts of the components or groups , so that the songs do not change the other layers editing . The tool can be found here : Window > Layers Opens a window that shows a single layer , Layer0 . It is the default layer in which all the models are made. It must be always selected for modeling . Press the "+" appears in the new layers. That layer , which is the name in front of a black ball is selected. Under visible when the checkmark is removed , the layer of the checkmark in the case , becomes invisible .


    Select Layer0 and draw it even though a cube.
    Select one of the other layer ( Layer1 ), move the ball . Remove Layer0 the split - visible checkmark when Layer0 hidden. Press again or select Layer0 visible again, then it will be visible again .

Names of the layers can be changed by double- clicking on the text.

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