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If you dislike SketchUp Wiki's default "skin," login and change your skin preferences.

If you're a semi-experienced Wiki editor, you may be wondering, "why doesn't SketchUp Wiki look anything like Wikipedia?"

This is because the company that hosts SketchUp Wiki does not give SketchUp Wiki administration any choice in the default "skin" (also known as "style" or "theme") presented to new or anonymous users. We would dearly love to have Wikipedia's default skin, "Vector," or to set our site default to Vector's predecessor, "Monobook," but Wikia doesn't care what users want.

But Monobook is still available, even if we can't make it the default. If you'd like SketchUp Wiki to have a more professional look, just follow these simple instructions:

Step 1Edit

Log-in to SketchUp Wiki. This will require you to create an account. Logging in can be done from the login button in the top-right corner of any page, or from Special:Userlogin.

Step 2Edit

Go to the user Preferences menu. Under Monobook, this is a direct link on the top-right. Under the "New Wikia Look," it's not as obvious.

Step 3Edit

Use the user preferences page to set your skin choice.

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