Former Logo before 3D Warehouse was transferred to Trimble Navigation.

The 3D Warehouse, or 3DWH, is a website that works alongside Sketchup to provide a place where modelers can upload their models to the internet. It was created on April 24, 2006, just after Google purchased Sketchup from @Last Software.

On February 28 2014, 3D Warehouse was moved from Google to a server that Trimble Navigation runs. However, since Trimble did not directly upload the original files from Google's servers so the programers had to rebuild 3D Warehouse. This resulted in Badges, Comments and Ratings, and many other features to be temporally disabled. As of June 2014, comments aren't enabled yet. The updates created an uproar of 3D Warehouse users.

Features Edit

It is possible for modelers to create collections of models on the website, and the website uses algorithms to determine similar models. It also shows model complexity, ranging from simple, to moderate and complex. When uploading, modelers can write a useful description of the model, and add tags to the details page so it can be easily found. Individual models can be viewed in 3D in the browser, but can also be downloaded in a KML (Google Earth) or SKP (Google Sketchup) file. The models can also be viewed directly in Google Earth, or on Google Maps.

Google Earth Edit

Users can select the option when uploading their models, to verify if the model is 'Google Earth ready', which should be checked if the model is a real, current, well textured and correctly located representation of the reallife building. If a 'Google Earth ready' model is submitted, within a few weeks, the model will pass through 'the pipeline'. In other words, it will be reviewed by several Google employees, who check the models qualifications under certain acceptance criteria. If the model passes, it will be added to the 3D Warehouse layer, and will soon be visible within Google Earth itself, by checking the box in the sidebar that is labeled '3D Buildings'.

Uploading Edit

A Sketchup modeler will have to be a registered Google user to upload his models to the 3D Warehouse. The required text mainly consists of 'Title', 'Description', and 'Tags or Labels'. When unfolding 'Extra options', the modeler can also add a website and a logo which links to another website. There are also share settings; Check the box if you would like viewers to be able to contact you about the model, track model history, etc. Models must be under 10 MB of filesize to be uploaded the the 3D Warehouse.

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